Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New York Yankees NEW ERA Fitted Baseball Hat - Navy

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MLB has only three captains in uniform on MLB rosters. Two of those three captains square off this year in the Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees rivalry, in Derek Jeter and Jason Varitek (Paul Konerko-Chicago White Sox is the other). No surprise that these two old-school MLB's lead their teams, for the two grand franchises of the game.

Derek Jeter and Jason Varitek - you will not find two more different players in MLB. Derek Jeter, the smooth, above-the-action player that transcends the sport courtesy of playoff glory past. Jason Varitek, the get-down in the dirt Catcher of the Boston Red Sox, whose team goes South every time he is not in the lineup.

Both lead with authority, by example, every day. Both have multiple rings to show for their labor, and both Jeter and Varitek play for cities that expect to win the World Series every year, with hordes of media to back up that challenge.

I was surprised that only three teams in MLB have captains, but it is not surprising that Derek Jeter and Jason Varitek are among them. The title of Captain is a serious one in MLB. As good a player as Alex Rodriguez is for example, and his statistics dwarf Derek Jeter's, A-Rod is just not the type of player that fits as a Captain...too much "me" instead of "we."

The title means a lot to both Jeter and Varitek, and it is one that both men have worn very well in leading their teams, especially in pressure spots.

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