Thursday, May 22, 2008

Texas Rangers Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap

Founded in 1946, Twins Enterprise is the creator of The Franchise, their signature cap that is always the perfect fit. Twins has the exclusive rights to create fitted, relaxed caps for Major League Baseball. Several top universities (including Alabama, Texas, Notre Dame, and North Carolina) look exclusively to Twins to create the Franchise cap for their students and fans. When Major League Baseball players celebrate winning their Division or the Wild Card they proudly wear caps manufactured and created by Twins Enterprise. Available in just about every major sport, as well as many impressive companies and brands, Twins Caps are everywhere. You may even be wearing one right now.

Wilson A0360 ES13 13" Softball Glove ASO Web All Positions Baseball Glove

Get a better grip on your softball playing with the Wilson A0360 ES13 recreational, slow-pitch softball glove for right-handed throwers, which features a roomy 13-inch size, tan inner glove, and imposing black coloring on the backhand. It's great for all positions and has an over-sized-pocket for a bigger deeper catching area. It offers an ASO web for a good grip on the ball and a custom fit wrist strap. It's backed by Wilson's 1-year guarantee.

Customer Review: great glove for the money
I paid about $22 for this glove to use for my company softball team and am not disappointed. I have no idea how long this thing will last but its a cheap solution for anyone who needs a working glove to play catch or softball with. It arrives fairly soft already so it doesn't need to be worked in and it appears to be made from real leather. It also fits my hand just fine (I am a 6' tall guy). Pretty happy with a $22 glove to play non-competitive softball and catch with.
Customer Review: Great glove!
This is an awesome glove. I'm not the world's best player, but I think it makes me at least average. I caught an out the first day I used it. Very durable!

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